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7 thoughts on “Shiny Happy Chamber

  1. Thanks D! Like “Joe in Reno” said in an earlier comment, the playa dust has an effect too – and I got a bunch of that blown up my nose and it's still messing-up my head.

    I'm wondering if there are any .45 loads that are known for cleanliness?

    Most 1911's need the barrel fitted, right? I don't think I want to mess up my '43 Colt, and anyhow that's why I bought the Sig.


  2. You can find hard chromed 1911 barrels, though they aren't terribly common.

    I'm sure the blight didn't help, but I think the dirty powder did have something to do with how your gun ran, I didn't have any outright failures, but my gun wasn't snapping into battery as well as it should have after about 100 rounds.


  3. Hi D! – It cleaned up really easy – that chrome barrel is a treat, does anybody do that for a 1911? I've got to believe it was the combination of crusty blight on the cartridges AND the powder buildup that was causing the feeding problems.
    Or even just the crusty stuff alone.
    My local gunshop guy was saying that his Winchester White-Box bulk ammo was probably NOT the same as Wally's – that they could command a much larger order (naturally) and also get a cheaper price by accepting factory “seconds” or something.
    I dunno, sounds plausible – I never worked retail though.


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