I’d like to thank the Gunblogger Academy…

This year’s Gunblogger’s Rendezvous was particularly enhanced by some high-profile sponsors and attendees including Heller-Hero Alan Gura, the lovely and talented Rachel Parsons from the NRA, The NSSF’s own Bill Brassard , Super-‘Splodey Major Chuck Ziegenfuss of Valor IT, Quick Cal from CowboyFastDrawAssociation, the Cheaper Than Dirt blog also known as The Shooter’s Log blogger (hit that link multiple times, please), and Brian from Lucky Gunner ammo who helped out in the Soldier’s Angels Pay-Pal Crisis, the super folks at Crimson Trace  who donated a set of laser-grips (and I got a hat!), Springfield Armory, and the fabulous folks at Para USA  for delicious GUNS!!  Yay!
Also a special thanks to Mr. Completely for all his hard work, herding cats like us.  Yowr!

UPDATE: H/T to Reasonablenut – Kudos and Thanks also go to the Western Nevada Pistol League a practical pistol shooting club, who provided the steel for the pistol match that was so much fun!

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3 thoughts on “I’d like to thank the Gunblogger Academy…

  1. Sheesh, it was embarrassing! I was ready to just let it go – but I overlooked a few things: the giant range bag (which was really to big for my closet even) and the crimson trace grips. Oh well!


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