What I learned at GBR-IV – Double-Trouble

Pulling both triggers on the thumb-cocker 12-guage coach-gun simultaneously while only wearing a t-shirt because of the hot weather can lead to a physical and visual reminder. It’s not something I did myself, but I came pretty close with the K-31’s steel butt-plate. Actually I do have a pretty good blue-spot now, but that one’s Uncle’s.

Normally I wear a Creedmoor shooting coat that provides a secure shoulder rest and the stiff Cordura Nylon fabric adds a fair amount of structure – but I didn’t bring it this time.
So I snuggled up close and tried to pull the rifle into my shoulder tightly, padding the forearm with my shooting glove on the block of wood, and with a sweatshirt between my bench-elbow and the concrete top so it wouldn’t bounce hard.
Still I got a good thump in return, much greater than if I had been wearing my shooting coat, and I took my time shooting. After a couple cease-fires, and a box of GP-11 and some loose-loads I had laying around, I switched to the Sig.

UPDATE: The thumping wasn’t too bad, it was just in the wrong place and I wasn’t set-up well on the bench.

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7 thoughts on “What I learned at GBR-IV – Double-Trouble

  1. I should have brought my front-rest and leather bunny-bag, besides my Creedmoor coat, but then the whole thing turns into a damn expedition and the Sahib needs a platoon of porters.
    I had my non-trigger hand bent backwards to my armpit and was supporting the butt-stock against my shoulder, but… at the second shot the forearm resting on a block of wood bounced and vibrated like a tuning fork, so I put the glove under it! 🙂


  2. Shooting from the bench is what did it. Shooting from standing your whole body from head to toe moves backwards and absorbs the recoil. Seated at a bench your body just can't move enough to soak up the oomph.


  3. Fodder – You are the sensitive type, yeh right!
    Linoge – The bruise location is not correct for shoulder fired weapons, but perhaps it is for the “shoulder thing that goes up.”


  4. Well, there is something to be said for firearms that actually provide feedback when you pull the trigger.

    Of course, there is also something to be said for not causing soft-tissue damage…


  5. Hi Kirk! I've never had issues with the Swiss either, and the K-31 butt is large and generous compared to many WWII rifles – but I never shot in just a t-shirt before, and I don't shoot off the bench much so my technique is at fault.


  6. Ok, we obviously have to work on your recoil tolerance. I have never had any issues with the K31, Now the Mosin Nagant is another story. That gun hurts on both ends…


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