Steel Challenge

Derek got a nice picture of a spent case ejecting during the first Stage of the Mini Steel Challenge. My best time there was 7:04 (worst was 12:57). I believe I should not be leaning back like that, bad form, all the cool guys and girls lean into it.  I had practiced on Friday (with about 100 rounds) feeling where the trigger link-reset was when I held the trigger back, but in the excitement it was hard to keep that in mind.
The next stage had bigger plates and I went a bit faster scoring a 5:11 (while throwing-out a 10:56). That was when I surprised myself by remembering to do the link-reset-bang!, and I hit the second plate so quickly I almost stopped to admire my handiwork! Oops, keep going!!  I decided (was advised by Uncle) to use (and keep) the Galco holster (left) with the plastic tuck-in thing and pass on the Gould & Goodrich (right) – maybe I’ll offer it up to a needy Blogger, it fits a P226 (I think, as indicated on the back with the stamping “226”.)
They’re both used, from someone else’s Box-O’-Holsters, so no big deal.

As always, clickezvous  to embigulate

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8 thoughts on “Steel Challenge

  1. I believe Say Uncle said he didn't care for his 1911's Serpa – but he carries IWB so that might 'splain it.
    Secure retention with plastic probably requires a button intervention – sounds right to me anyhow, better than a bar of soap popping out.

  2. Howdy… just back from a ride. The Galco non-break is my favorite for CC because once I get the untucked shirt out of the way, it's a smooth drama-free draw… my fastest way to get the Sig into the world. I like that it's not in my belt (slower) but just to be whiny, I don't like it's so far away from my side. I think they could pull it in closer several mm.

    The Serpa works just fine for CC according to friends and it looks like a good deal. I don't like that it has a retention button because my experience with various retention methods is that they all slow me down. But I like that wears closer to the body while still being on the outside, as compared to the Galco.

    Without experience, it's hard for me to say but I assume you simply have to have retention of some kind with plastic.

  3. M – The Galco paddle came out of the used-box at my local gunshop for $20 – I didn't even know there was a non-thumb break version!
    Isn't the Serpa a hard plastic type holster? Does that work for CCW?

  4. I also use the Galco paddle to carry my P200 much of the time, though I opted for the one without the thumb break. Quite happy with it though I'm seriously considering the Serpa.

    Glad you had a great time at the gathering!

    Mike W

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