Bullet Blight and the Dirty Chamber

The Sig started to graunch-up in the last string and upon closer examination of what was going up through the dirty feed-ramp the pestilence of Bullet-Blight was noticed. The Winchester white-box from Wal-Mart had failed me, so I did a quick selection of what better self-launchers I could paw through and thumb into a magazine and got me a do-over that was the throw-out time of 22.55 seconds – since the malfing continued.
Not being much of a pistolero there’s another thing that I get now, it’s the same reason some people buy a tub of Liquid Drench into which they dunk the dirty feelthy gun – despite the chrome chamber and bore this thing is a skunk after 250-plus rounds! Just to illustrate the differences are before and after pics: Also my buddy Mike who owns and carries one of these and shoots it suggests that a little lube on the frame rails might help. I did have some WWII Lubriplate along for the ride but my big Bottle-O’-Hoppes was missing from the range bag (sorry Sebastian!). In the end our day at the facility was over and I was happy to get off my best run of 2.96 on the final stage, which was a straightforward five-shots as fast as you could go from shooter-ready at a single-plate. Practicing finding the trigger Link-and-Reset on Friday really helped, that is when when I could remember to do it.

UPDATE: I’ve never shot so many rounds through the pistol before, so I can’t say whether the un-clean condition was simply from a whole lotta rounds, or the Winchester White Box, because 50 of the 250+ rounds total were Blazer from the day before and I didn’t pay attention to the state of cleanliness.

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4 thoughts on “Bullet Blight and the Dirty Chamber

  1. Joe – I'm much obliged for that info, I like Mobile-1. The crusty state of the ammo also helped with the double-feeds.
    I think I also got some of that playa dust up my nose and in my eye, and combined with the descent to sea-level it has impacted my sinuses!


  2. With the playa dust we have at the Washoe Shooting Range, grease of any kind is problematic for handguns (and ARs). So is a dry gun. Either tends to be a malf factory out there. The best product I've used and it works extremely well in high dust conditions is fully synthetic motor oil. I use 5-30 or 10-30 interchangeably. Doesn't seem to matter. A couple of drops on the rails, on the front of the barrel hood & lugs, a thin film on the end of the barrel where it rubs the bushing and you're gun should run all day.
    I started useing this after asking the USAMU guys what they were using at big Infinity match in Reno several years ago. They swear by Mobile 1.


  3. Arthur – thanks for that tip, I believe I have some Tetra grease around here somewhere.
    I'm kinda thinking that more than the dirty chamber, the FTF's were mainly due to the rough bullet-fungus that had started to grow on the rounds!


  4. I run tetra grease on the rails, barrel, etc of my P220's and it seems to work well.

    As far as skunk goes, I haven't shot WWB 45, but a few weeks ago I went though a bunch of WWB 380 and while the ammo worked well I have NEVER run across anything that dirty before. My whole gun was covered in black soot after 50 rounds and even the spent cases were black. Yeeech.

    I reload most of my own ammo and use Unique powder a lot. Anywhere Unique is mentioned people usually talk about how dirty it is. It doesn't hold a candle to the WWB I've shot though.


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