After 200-some rounds my Sig is freakin’ filthy. I was not the slowest at Steel, which is real fun to shoot and easy to miss, but real fun to shoot – until you get some ammo that maybe survived Katrina and is growing some brass-eating fungus ALIVE thing that crunches in the chamber like granola. So you practice malfunction drills while the timer ticks down…
More later.

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3 thoughts on “GBR-IV

  1. So, the Sig malfed?

    Wow. Even with dirty ammo, I'd expect it to work, unless there wasn't enough oomph to get the slide to cycle.

    Well, as you said, it's about having fun, and seeing the Brit (at Kevin's place) blasting away with various sorts of armament is about as much fun as shooting it oneself. Conversion of the masses, one at a time. It's the only way to win.


  2. Kevin – Even though you couldn't make it, a young Englishman from Devon arrived to shoot and consider his own peregrination to U.S. residency.

    I'm just kinda returning to normal now and fighting off some Nevada desert dust-devil and casino-induced sinusitis.


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