Scoville and Risdon and More

I have two perfect-working WWII USGI magazines for the ’43 Colt 1911A1 – a Scoville and Colt-Risdon, and a couple with which I’m less certain about, a good Kimber (Chip McCormick?), and a fake two-tone stovepipe goober.
The uncertain ones have the markings, “Colt .45 Auto” but are otherwise of unknown origin. Some sources suggested, “Vietnam, man!” while others said “Whatever, man.”
Now that I’ve been on the shopping spree for the Sig I’m considering doubling up on the Colt too. I’d like to get more WWII stuff but the prices are as collectibles now starting around $50 – way more expensive a Wilson or a MecGar or a cut-from-billet Les Baer…and I don’t know which ones to get. I’m thinking 7-rounders and no plastic base-pad, because Lew said so in a column.

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For a more incisive post on magazines and huge trophy-wall of collective participating opinions and comments, Tam has a post, “How Many Magazines is Enough?” that adds more value than I possibly could.

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7 thoughts on “Scoville and Risdon and More

  1. Thanks Ted and Haji! I'll keep the two old original ones, test the others, and get rid of the ones that feed stovepipes. Seems like I've got $100+ in the originals but buying more like that is looking down the wrong end of the binoculars.


  2. I'd think that the mag is one of the weakest parts of the system, and $50 for a vintage one seems like asking for an expensive paperweight.

    I like the Chip McCormick ones, especially for something you're going to shoot.


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