Gun Blogger Rendezvous, September 10-13th

Mr. Completely informs us that a new sponsor has been added to GBRIV!

While I was down in California for the Steel Challenge World championships, I got a chance to talk a bit with Dave Thomas, the head of USPSA and Steel Challenge Shooting Association. Dave decided that since the Gun Blogger Rendezvous raises money for Project Valour-IT, a very worthy charity helping our injured Vets, and since we were going to be featuring Steel Challenge shooting at the Rendezvous, that the Steel Challenge Shooting Association would like to help out a bit by donating some door prize and/or raffle items to the Rendezvous.

Besides having the USPSA along, there’s also the necessary supplies available with Lucky Gunner Ammo along for support! So there’s no reason not to buy a raffle ticket and support Soldier’s Angels.


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