Soldier’s Angels Gunblogger Rendezvous Gun Raffle!

Kevin has very generously donated a Para GI Expert for your consideration, and there’s also some kind of training deal with Ignatz Pizza at Front Sight.

Raffle tix are here.

Legalisticalia Disclaimerosis:
It is up to the online raffle ticket purchaser to verify that they can legally receive and own this pistol where they live, and the winner must be a resident of the United States.
If they cannot legally own this pistol, they are automatically disqualified froml the raffle, and there is no substitution or other prize to be awarded.

All decisions are final.

Raffle tickets sold at the Rendezvous, and raffle tickets sold online will be combined in the drawing.

Important: To win a gun in the raffle, make sure you can legally own it before you buy a ticket.

The winner need not be present to win. (But you ought to be anyway!)

I know I’d like to get my hands a on the Para GI Expert, that’s for sure.


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  1. The Soldier's Angel IT effort supplies voice-activated laptops. It's really quite valuable and very worthy, and actually does important work for guys otherwise immobilized by injury. It DOES help them; to maintain contact with their friends and people, and to keep their mind working on other things while the body heals – and they don't feel left-out or so side-lined.
    FrontSight I'm just not so sure about myself either and have never taken-up with that.

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