Super Gunblogger Renzedvooper! (IV)

Yay! Hopefully this drawn-out comment left at Bloviating Zep will entice him over the hill to Reno.
And maybe YOU dear reader, too.
If you fell like a run over the hill, Mr. Completely (who shoots steel, maintains the Rendezvous site, and has a registration form here. If you don’t want to spend the night (and like drivin’) I’m sure it doesn’t matter.
The main thing is relaxing among new friends with common interests. Hangin’ out in the Hospitality Suite swapping lies, meeting fun and smart people (including some NRA reps, and Larry from Brownells) – and at some point goin’ shootin’ – to which this year are added a few new venues instead of only going out to the Washoe County Range near Pyramid Lake and trying to hit the steel drum at 900-yards. That’s Joe’s main thing since he runs the Boomershoot. 🙂 I believe we’re going to try and run a mini “steel-challenge.” I’ll have to give it a try since I’m 99% a rifle guy and don’t know shinola from pistolas. 😉
And better yet it’s in September (10-13) so it *probably* won’t be freakin’ SNOWING!
Para is donating a pistol to the raffle,Hi-Point is donating one of their new, as-yet-un-announced carbines, and Kevin of The Smallest Minority is personally donating a Para GI Expert 1911 to the raffle. I’m bringing along an autographed Heller Kitty t-shirt that Alan Gura who argued Heller before the Supreme Court (and won) signed – and oh yeh, he’s gonna be there too. The NSSF as co-sponsor has agreed to pick up the tab for the “All you can eat” Pizza feed on Saturday night, and Glock is a sponsor too.
Sorry for the comment hi-jack.
It’s really not only for Gunbloggers, anybody who likes to shoot and supports the 2nd Amendment is welcome. And their friends. And probably people who like Locomotives, (which are awesomly cool) too. 🙂
So I wonder what I should bring this year for show-and-tell? I don’t have much new to offer. Maybe I’ll just bring the P220 and a mess of ammo for the pistol-thang…

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