Honduras Saves Itself!!

This was not a military coup, but the deposal of an illegally-acting President who attempted his own coup. The military acted on orders of the Congress and Supreme Court to defend their constitution and remove a would-be tyrant who was trying to undermine the country’s constitution and who acted in violation of the country’s laws and judiciary.

The Honduran President was pushing a special referendum on Sunday, with ballots distributed by the military – votes that would allow him to re-write the Honduran Constitution and remove a two-thirds vote requirement, and enable himself to be re-elected, and re-elected, and re-elected, etc.

The President had said, “Sunday’s referendum will not be stopped.”

The Honduran Supreme Court declared the referendum, one that attempted to bring forth Executive Power against a judicial order, to be unlawful.

When the military refused to distribute the ballots the President fired the head of the armed forces.

The Honduran Supreme Court ordered the head of the armed forces to be re-instated, and the Attorney General made a request to Congress to oust the President. Congress also named a commission to investigate the President.

The military was ordered to detain the President, and then Congress officially ousted him, “for repeated violations to the Constitution” and has named a new President.

The ambassadors for Chavez’ Venezuela, Castro’s Cuba, and Ortega’s Nicaragua were arrested.

The former president was expelled to Costa Rica where upon arriving he made a speech blaming the “rich elite who wants to keep everybody else poor.”

Elections will be held as scheduled in November.

Of course, animated retard and liar Hillary Clinton said that, “the action taken against Honduras’ president should be condemned by everyone.”

Venezuelan communist strongman and President-for-Life Hugo Chavez blamed the U.S. for the removal of his lackey, and is reportedly talking to Cuban thug-leader Morales Castro to define “anti-coup strategies.” Chavez also said that he would overthrow the president designated, to re-substitute Zelaya.

Let’s hope and pray that Hugo Chavez is not enabled by our current Administration’s nitwits, and that Democracy can be maintained and strengthened in Honduras.

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12 thoughts on “Honduras Saves Itself!!

  1. Thanks Blake, MikeT and B&N – This event is a bobble in the Obama Space-Time continuum and reveals a great deal about him, and much that he would prefer remain unknown. We already know about the MSM and their duplicity.

    In comments at the WSJ article The Wages of Chavismo one person noted that Hugo Chavez has said that Obama is to the Left of him…

    Also pointed-out in comments is this: It is important to note, that the illegal referendum was not just about allowing ex-president zelaya to get re-elected, it would have allowed zelaya to create a national assembly once preliminary results were in by noon on Sunday, at which point he had planned to dissolve congress and the supreme court.
    That's how Chavez took control too, and the ability to say, “I won.” is accepted and being used as a part of the MSM narrative here, for Obama…


  2. “…the MSM keeps to the Duranty narrative, whitewashing Stalin.”

    Jesus! That one had some stink on it!

    Open-handed, swinging-from-the-shoulder-and-leaning-from-the-hip bitch slap!

    Felt that one all the way over here.

    Good on ya.


  3. And once again, liberals are on the wrong side of history. Not a peep from Obama re Iran, but a country adhering to the rule of law draws his condemnation. I'm disgusted.


  4. Amen to Brother Rustmeister.
    The current US administration has seen the future, and it is Honduras.

    B Woodman


  5. And if you read the shitbrain NYT's lede on their paper *spit* cover *gag* you'd be deliberately mislead to think he was just a reformer trying to ease “term-limits.” Fucking bastard liars.


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