Magpul Ranger Floorplates!

Rangers. North Africa and Italy. Omaha Beach and Pointe du Hoc. The invasion of the Philippines and the Raid at Cabanatuan. Merrill’s Marauders deep in Burma. Binh Duong Province. Mogadishu. Kabul.
From Algeria to central Burma in WWII, from Korea to Iraq – Rangers have sacrificed.

And now to California where they sacrifice again.
Where due to the unique and peculiar, arbitrary and repressive, spastic and fantastic, the bizzaro-world of the Legislature and other circumstances of California Gub’ Laws — magazines can only be 10-rounds – the Magpul Ranger Floor Plate sacrifices two.
Turning 10-round magazines into 8-round magazines.
As a literary ouvre it’s small, The AR as M1 Garand – but without the whomping sectional density of calibre. It is a petite M’forgerie to the bristly old battle-hardened Garande Dame.
But aren’t they cute little magazines!?

And who cares, BFD, since they require a tool for removal from the magazine locking mechanism anyhow. God I hate these useless, stupid, feel-good-do-nothing laws. [sigh]

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6 thoughts on “Magpul Ranger Floorplates!

  1. Ouch. Sacrificing two rounds for the Magpuls is a pain in the heiny… You just have to love Kalifornistan requiring the magazines to be non-removable (without the use of a tool, of course) and of a small size. You would think that one or the other would be enough to keep the political weenies happy.

    They do look good, though, and hopefully make getting the shorter 10-rounders out easier.


  2. Since a 10 rounder pretty much gets swallowed up by the magwell of an AR, Id say those magpuls are quite necessary. Thanks again, CA legislators.


  3. I'm doing it all wrong!
    I should be brass-prepping and loading for the Garand, not the AR since they arguably have the same capacity if not firepower.


  4. 8 rounds huh, that has gotta stink. If I was limited to only 10 rounds per magazine,I would go 308 or thirty-aught-six, rather than 5.56.

    Still,those are peertie magazine floor plates all the same.


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