Working Small

The RCBS “Trim Mate” case-prep thing puts five turning tools into one small place, but it doesn’t trim-to-length. I’ve removed the primer-hole uniformer-cutter (a Lyman hand tool that happens to thread right in) and laid it in the top tray.
The #1 rotating station has a standard-thread long .22cal bore brush. #2 has the military crimp remover/cutter, #3 has the outside chamfer, #4 has the inside chamfer tool, and #5 has the primer pocket reamer/uniformer. You can move them around to wherever you want for your own ergonomic convenience.

For me the biggest time-spender has been trimming. One thing I really like about the RCBS tool though is that pressure is applied downward and (IMO) can be more evenly applied.
With the Wilson trimmer I have to work it sideways, inserting the cutting head attached to a cordless drill and it feels awkward, not to mention the added set-up time with the Wilson; screwing it down to the bench and then setting the length – and as a “lateral” tool it takes up more space just to operate it sideways because you just need more elbow room. I don’t really need a 36-inch wide bench but trimming like this kinda demands it.
Here’s a guy who figured-out another way to do it that I think I might test, and his bench isn’t even nearly as deep as mine!

All I need is to do is fix up the Lee tool and cutter to do the length trimming. Awesome!

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5 thoughts on “Working Small

  1. What was the Uber Case trimmer that you posted about a while back…

    You don't have a search field or I would look for it myself.

    Back from Jordan finally. I guess I need to start posting again.


  2. That's right, pistol rounds don't typically headspace on the shoulder. 🙂
    Since I'm not currently employed I'm doing it with my wife's blessing, to offset the costs my hobby generates.


  3. Huh,nice set up. If I do decide to get back into,even though the wife says we don't have the room,but is not against me doing it. I might just do pistol loads. Which if I remember do not need to be trimmed and such,like rifle rounds, correct me if I am wrong in that.

    But,again,nice set up.


  4. A small drill press would be a great case trimmer. Like I said, something that works up and down is IMO better than a sideways operation – and take s up less space. In one of the guy's videos he uses an end-mill – holy hell, I'd love one!
    I was very interested in the new but not yet available Hornady Case Prep Center – until I realized much of the regular work was “forward-pressing” except for the case-trimmer bit. I don't want to push my hands into whirling tools. “Down” I can handle, “forward” not so much. Plus “down” works with gravity as an assist. Less work for me.
    I'd love to see the Hornady vertical trimmer upper part attached to the RCBS prep-center unit. The lever on it could help with the cutter that removes the military crimp since that's one you have to bear-down on more than others.


  5. I don't know for the life of me why I don't have one of those RCBS case prep stations. So much better than the bench mounted drill press that I adapted to the task. Of course with the lee case trimmers, the drill press works great for a trimming station.


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