Reloading for AR’s?
AR.) Wash in hot soapy water, anneal, re-size, tumble, trim with an end-mill, wash…
G.) What has it gots in itss primer pocketesses?
BR.) Sort cases by weight to the .001, measure runout
D.) Taper crimp?
F.) B and G then trim
C.) You missed a spot.
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2 thoughts on “Poll-O-Plenty

  1. Tumble dirty brass in walnut media, lube brass, resize & deprime. Clean primer pockets. Tumble in corn cob media to remove resizing lube. Remove brass from tumbler and inspect/uniform primer flash holes. Measure all brass and if any are found too long, trim all brass back to original specs. Document case trimming. Chamfer case necks, reprime, add powder & bullets. Through test firing determine which are more accurate, taper crimp or lee factory crimped ammo.

    Gary W. Anthony
    MSgt, USAF, Ret.


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