Now HERE’S a Foundation

Piss on the VPC and their Joyce Foundation supporters who do nothing but provide a megaphone for a shrill minority of ill-considered ideas and small-minded lickspittle weenies. A Foundation should do better than that — now THIS is a megaphone:

A B-24 and B-17 are visiting Moffett Field this week on the Wings of Freedom Tour.

This pork Spendulus-driven recession is smacking my economy good though, so I have not planned a flight like last year or the year before.

You can hear them pretty good when they fly over AND they got a little buddy with them again.


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10 thoughts on “Now HERE’S a Foundation

  1. The Me-262 was supposed to come along on the trip this year, but got downchecked on some maintenance issue.

    Maybe next year.

  2. J** – I love the P-51A, but wish I could see a P-38, P-47, or F4U Corsair or go by overhead! 🙂
    I think the B-25 was just not income producing enough, the way it was (necessarily) set-up for passengers – bummer that.

  3. *sigh* Those three birds will forever be embedded into American aircraft design as pretty much being “it”. Nothing made before or since has been nearly as attractive, intimidating, or impressive as those machines, which is really a shame.

    *goes to check if there are any air shows in his area in the near future…*

  4. MikeT – too bad about the MiG! It must have some avionics in it that can be removed to allow for its entry into the country? Mainly I think they’re expensive to operate, burning fuel by the ton not pound.
    The Collings Foundation has a Vietnam-era F4F Phantom that only flies out of somewhere in Texas…and a < HREF="" REL="nofollow">ME-262<> restoration that’s flying!

  5. A few days earlier, they were down to Hollister, along with “Ridge Runner”, a P-51D based at Hollister. (Spent half a day crawling around inside the bombers and taking pictures.)

    I got some good shots of Ridge Runner as it did a low fly-by of the field before landing. Lucky passenger got the ride of her life.

    The P-51B is a rare dual-control version, and polished to within an inch of its life. Gorgeous bird.

    Now, if they’d have flown the route they took for the past three or four years from Hollister to Moffatt, I’d have got some good shots of the bombers at low level, possibly slightly below my position west of Morgan Hill.

    Alas, either ATC or some importunate paying cargo talked them into flying the ridge between Gilroy and Watsonville. Mere specks in the sky.

    Next year…

  6. For some reason, this reminded me of a conversation at work. The company that my employer is partnered with is infamous for its Board of Directors joking about taking the CEO’s MiG and buzzing a certain leading software manufacturer’s campus. Their concern was the fact that it cannot be flown into the US, not whether or not they should do that to harass their competition 🙂

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