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Related somewhat inversely (invertedly?) to Brigid’s post on wicked weather, we had another day of glassy seas when the Vog came in.
Southeasterly “Kona” winds came up and halted the Trades that normally blow two-thousand miles of clean air through, and the noxious plumes of Pele descended – sulfur dioxide and other gases emitted by the blister Kiluea on the flanks of Mauna Kea – obscuring the island of Lana’i. The sea went flat in the normally raucous channel between Maui and Lana’i, and we drove across on glass.

The calm waters enabled us to see much more as we circumnavigated the island on the Safari Boat. The first marvel of the quiet passage was the ability to approach within touch of a Liberty Ship wreck — the story being that, rather than being sunk at sea in deep water as commanded, she was driven ashore by a captain who couldn’t bear to see her go to the bottom. The cladding the ship is concrete, probably built in Richmond CA by all the Rosie-Riveters working at the boatworks of industrialist Henry J. Kaiser – also coincidentally of Kaiser Cement fame (and a lot of other things)…



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  1. A cement ship? Do not see that very often… Of course, a beautiful wreck like that will be around forever, given the rebar is going to take a while to rust out…

    Very cool, and envious, I am :).

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