Alan Gura at Santa Clara University

Alan is a cool guy and he signed my Heller Kitty t-shirt and I’ll never wash it again. He also stayed at the same place we did on Kauai, the Kiahuna Plantation – and he went to Stevenson’s Library at the Hayatt – which is named for the great-grand-uncle of a guy I used to work for. I’m name-dropping like crazy aren’t I? I wonder if he surfs too?

We asked him if he wanted to come to the Gunblogger’s Rendezvous IV in September, and suggested he might be a guest of honor. Maybe we can get some frequent-flyer miles together and make it happen? He also signed RNS David’s copy of the Heller Decision, and The Packing Rat, Derek’s. They came over to my place and parked because parking at Santa Clara U. is Teh Suck.
We took the train down and walked across the street right to the building where Alan was scheduled to talk, where we met him in the hallway and I asked for his autograph.
He’s a Libertarian Civil Rights attorney who sees grave damage done to the 2nd Amendment and also to the 14th – as a Constitutionalist the 14th has been hosed badly and practically read-out – it also needs revisiting and restoration.
And her believes we can beat the other bans – the “scary guns” bans, the “cheap guns” bans, the ban-by-list, and other onerous and illegitimate ordinances – with Heller we won something significant.

UPDATE: I want to extend grateful thanks to the sponsors who brought Alan to speak, Santa Clara University Law’s Federalist Society and the Libretarian Civil Society Institute of Santa Clara University.

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  1. My only concern is that the Supreme Court is very conservative about rolling back government, even if it is blatantly unconstitutional, if exists on a large scale. It’d rather break it down piece by piece over a decade, rather than declare that the entire edifice is blighted and must be torn down now.


  2. Talk to U.S. Citizen at Traction Control about the frequent-flyer miles question.Hell YES it would be cool to have him attend GBR IV!


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