What a day. H/T Alan But FIRST it was the thing with the kids that got me.
Despite and amid all the circus smoke, buckets of tinsel and confetti, and wacky mirrors of ginned-up “outrage” over AIG and the general confusion caused by money in amounts so huge it could go around the Moon twice, yesterday the US House of Representatives shamed itself in a huge way. They might as well have poured a bucket of liquid excrement upon themselves.

It pushed-through something called the “The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act” – known as the GIVE Act, by a 321-105 margin, which now goes to the Senate. It seems there’s even a provision for Uniforms(SEC. 1508.) and of a PERMANENT CADRE.
Since when in a Republic (or a real Democracy) do we use the Euro-words “cadre”? It’s a kinda give-away to who’s/which Central Committee is planning this…

Obama Youth will be indoctrinated in the principle of “service learning,” which will be a “mandatory part of the youth curriculum in all of the secondary schools served by the local educational agency”. I think it sounded better in original German in the 1930’s when it was announced on the floor of the Reichstag – before they burnt it down.

Then there’s the whole redistribution of wealth thing that’s the main, big, Rocky and Bullwinkle Media slight-of-hand, nothing-up-my-sleeve – it’s all about chewing up the airwaves and demanding attention to prevent any bit of light from being shone behind the curtain. Like the above action. And the ilegal AND unconstitutional bill of attainder, which wouldn’t pass even the most cursory constitutional challenge; so it was re-written to be broader

Then Journalist/blogger Fetching Jen sends me an email of some further intentions by our non-taxpaying Socialist Apparatchik Overlords:


I just found out about a meeting coming up on April 2nd that is being held by Common Cause. It is being billed as a “Community Discussion about Local media” but buried in the memo is:

“The Federal Communications Commission has proposed the establishment of community advisory boards to local advise local broadcasters. How would the community benefit from this?

How would the stations benefit?

Should local print and Internet resources also have community advisory boards? Why?

The Obama administration is trying to create “advisory boards” that will control the content of all media: print, radio, television and internet (bloggers).

We must attend this meeting and stop this immediately.

The evening’s discussion will be recorded and a report submitted to local media and the Federal Communications Commission. Feedback may help establish federal policies impacting local media ownership, increased localism, the establishment of community advisory boards, radio and television licensing procedures, and more. Read the memo.

It reminds me of the time I visited a nasty little village and had to walk past an outhouse on the way to get there. The out-house was called Checkpoint Charlie and it was a rather ugly and dreary place. This is exactly how a portion of the STASI did their thing, through constant monitoring of Communication channels. Then they sent reports to their superiors.

I thought we got rid of this ugly, vile, filthy crap twenty years ago when the Berlin Wall came down – something I had prayed for ever since visiting the rotten, pustulant, open-wound that was East Berlin. It was a project that started on 6 June 1944 and was never quite finished.

But noooo, now we have a disproportionate bunch of greedy, unscrupulous, tax-evading, power-hungry Senators and Congressmen in office who have forgotten what it was all about.

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  1. Well, none of this is surprising to those of use that have been seeing it coming. It is quite scary though, and honestly I thought that in the end cooler heads would prevail, but maybe not…


  2. I spent a tour stationed in (former) West Germany during the mid 1970’s, doing my part to keep the tip of the spear sharp. Can not find the words to describe what I felt watching news reports of the wall comming down. We cold warriors had won. Only now it seems we didn’t win the war, just a long battle. Now the war is here in our own back yard.


  3. They haven’t forgotten what it was all about. They pant for the day they may do what they want without facing the public. I expect they will find some people willing to put their lives on the line to end their hopes and dreams of unlimited power.


  4. <>“a University is more like the Feudal System”<>True, and it’s always drapped in a sheet of propaganda, trying to represent it as being some sort of “struggle for the people”, when it’s really nothing more than diktat from the anointed few.The stumblefucks will never learn, they simply want to be told what to do.


  5. As a child of the Professoriat I’m concerned that university Professors in Office really do some terrible damage. Look at the monumental cock-ups that Wilson committed. They are un-hinged from a reality in which everyone else has to live – a University is more like the Feudal System than anything that actually works/runs in the 21st Century.


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