Passing Cramps

From dear Phlegm Fatale we learned that a hero of the pre-Revolution has passed. Frontman of the Cramps, Lux Interior is dead. Her notice sparked a cascade of memories that lead to a peeling back of time and an interesting equation.
I enjoy remembering that era because it ignited the first substantial counterpoint and chainsaw thrust to the bloated corpulent body of the Boomers and their ilk. Finally even in the sweltering hodgepodge and cult of asinine Political Correctness like Santa Cruz, Punk arrived – and long haired hippies on Acid slam danced and flung fists at each other in a semi-sanctioned way for fun – and they liked it. And I liked slamming them too.
Rebellion, especially against stupid, rich, fat, semi-hippie guys in aloha shirts with neatly trimmed Chuck Mangione beards and panama hats who listened to the excruciating stylings of the band “Warmth” at the Cooper House – with skinny blond-bitch cokeheads – was in the air!
During a party at our rambling old 60’S-era house up on High Street, Joe Cuba and the Tokyo Negroes played Ready for War by John Cale.
Joe was in a University class with me doing cell-Animation and lived down-off “the Circles” – and was a better artist. He did a walk-sequence that was without a hitch, of a Human Fly Guy bopping down a hallway that sync’d perfectly to the music. I was amazed. My own work sucked.
From a list of Top 10 Santa Cruz Band Names of All Time (from that era mostly) we have:

  • 1. Ass Baboons of Venus
  • 2. Hit by a Semi
  • 3. Joe Cuba and the Tokyo Negroes
  • 4. Exploding Crustaceans
  • 5. Vicious Midgets
  • 6. Tao Chemical
  • 7. Gash Palace
  • 8. Pro Choice and the Coat Hangers
  • 9. JFKFC
  • 10. The Huxtables

Tao Chemical wasn’t bad either, the lead singer Rob Brezsny did the Horoscopes in the local alt-weekly boulevard-blatt and his stuff has gone nationally syndicated.
I laughed especially hard when I read JFKFC! Suck it up Kennedys! Die Baby Boomers, Die! And that lead me to think, who is it the Media is telling us is JFK NOW – and does he and his Jackie-clonic wife like KFC?
This horrible, ennui-driven administration has already begun the stifling downward spiral of Suck that was so massive and reminiscent of the dwindling Carter-turd era. Late 70’s brown plaid sofas and pimp-chic that played so well in Burt Reynolds Chicagoland films of that corrupt era. Massive suck and fail will be visited upon the land by pseudo-benevolent technocratic martian jar-brain zombies lead by the ACORN grunge-activist panhandling storm-troops.


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