Obamaistration Halts Pending Bush Regulations, But Guns In Parks Looks OK

GRASSROOTS ALERT, Vol. 16, No. 3 01/23/09

Apparently it’s common for an incoming administration to make such an order, but it does not appear that this action would affect the new rule governing the concealed carrying of firearms in national parks. Yay!

The orders outlined in Chief Enforcer Rham Emanuel’s memo would suspend or delay three kinds of rules:

1. Proposed and final regulations that have not yet been submitted for publication in the Federal Register;

2. Proposed and final regulations that have submitted, but have not yet been published; and,

3. Final rules that have been published, but have not yet taken effect.

The new parks rule does not fall into any of these categories. The rule was published in December 2008, and took effect on January 9, 2009. To repeal the rule, the new leadership at the Interior Dept. would have to publish a new proposed rule, take public comment on it, and eventually publish a new final rule.

That action is certainly not out of the question–in fact it would come as no surprise if the anti-gun Obama administration attempts to repeal the rule. Of course, NRA-ILA would strenuously oppose and fight against any such attempt.

In other news, New York Gov. Patterson picked NRA backed Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand for a seat in the Senate, after thin-skinned assumption-ridden Uh-ristocrat know-nothing Carolyn Kennedy ran off to tend her polo ponies. Gillibrand’s pro-gun position and admirable patriotism riled the ire of the anti-gun bigots. Amazingly she’s not a cross-eyed scale-skinned harridan, she doesn’t diss Vets, and she’s been to visit the troops in Iraq – can she really be a Democrat?

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5 thoughts on “Obamaistration Halts Pending Bush Regulations, But Guns In Parks Looks OK

  1. Not sure about Gillibrand. Of course no matter how conservative a D is, to ascend the ladder means to support the extremist vision of the D leadership. If she desires any advancement, she’ll drop her constituents and go solid leadership.OT: that NRA online ad is a little misleading. No disrespect to our troops and equipment, but God’s own rifle cartridge is the 30-06. JC should be sitting with a M1 or at least a ’03 Springer. Of course his sidearm would be the GI .45….


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