Spider Peepers

UPDATE: Change in diopteric photo for better illustration porpoises.
01-17MatchTarget.jpgOne of the guys in my club is planning to sell a couple of his rifles.
One is a custom barrel in 6BR and shoots the X out on the simulated 600-yard target – that’s an inch and three-quarters at 200-yards.
I’m happy when I get a few in there and in the 10-ring.
He’s been shooting a long time and is very good shot and a real good guy – but he’s been shooting a long time which also means he’s a *few* years older than me and with age has come some gnarly vision issues: cataracts.
I think he’s going to keep his F-Class rifles because the scope helps immeasurably, but today at the 200-yard line with iron sights his targets just disappear – they’re not there. iron sights.jpg
During the previous Practice and at the last and Match I noticed cobwebs in my eyes – actually in my .042″ sight-hood aperture. Dammit.
I have learned that means I need a bigger sight-peeper to look through. It means the current hood is too constricted to function properly with my vision requirements.
So I dug through the stuff that came with my White Oak Service Rifle upper and got out the .046″ hood.

sight hoods.jpg
The upper came with three different sight hoods, a .038″, .042″, and .046″ – and during my initial testing of the upper I found that the .038″ hood introduced the same cob-web effects, so I installed the middle one and it worked well. Now it appears my eyes have taken another step.
Time to get a new prescription filled – which will coincide with the arrival of the P220 – then I might be able to see the sights on that too!
Sux getting old.

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