Birthday Match

Woot! HBTM! Shot a 430-3X after some numbingly dumb 280’s and 290’s last month and prior. Started the morning out with a nice Offhand garnering an 83, then not too bad Rapid Sitting with an 87, then a swell Rapid Prone with an 88-1X, and finished-up with Slow-Prone of 172-2X’s and only one flyer in the 5-ring. The hour spent on practice Wednesday seemed especially helpful with today’s offhand.

During target-changing pauses I went among some different friends asking, “Sig or Glock? Sig or Glock?” I got mostly Sig as an answer, with a couple Glocks and some weirdness like Hammerli – easily 5-to-1.

After the Match we went to lunch at Fiesta Del Mar where we shared a Chile Verde Quesadilla and nachos, along with a pitcher of “house premium” Margaritas in celebration. Yay! HBTM! After that and an espresso we headed up to Imbert’s, Das Gub-Geschäft, and I found a nice, used P220 in .45ACP and I bought it. Modern! It’s a few years old, used, without the light rail and with sorta “express” style sights – not three-dot night-sights anyhow, but that can be changed too. At least it’s not from the Johnson Administration. Yay!

Hope you-all had a good day too.

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14 thoughts on “Birthday Match

  1. Grizzly-Mama Dear! I hope you survive the move with strength, and thanks for your well-wishes!I never watch daytime TV so I missed all the…dizzy frenzy. It’s like a mass-hysteria pumped by the media on LSD. Only LSD is more fun and wears off after a few days…


  2. Wow! I’m really late with the birthday wishes, DC. Sounds like you had a great one, and the best thing about buying your own birthday present is that you get exactly what you want!


  3. Little behind the curve, I am, but happy birthday, and congratulations on the new purchase. That AR-15 thingummy you showed off at the GBR was not from the Johnson administration either… 😉


  4. Happy Birthday! I’m sorry I missed the match, I had invites from several of your fellow Zouaves. I’ll try to make the first (practice) match of the month in February.And I’ve been drooling over Sig P220s since I was in my teens. Used to have a poster of one on my wall. Sweeet!


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