On The Bright Side

The sun is out and it’s a very mild day at 3:30PM, so I put on my shorts and flip-flops and walked to the mailbox. We’re having a bit of a heatwave, and the nasty-cold and rainy weather has been banished for a while as a high pressure zone sits overhead for the next several days. This Saturday instead of a Match we’re going to have a work-day to complete (or get further along-on) the firing line cover. Yay!
On another note it’s kinda too late (besides I don’t have the money) to go buy a new gun or more AR lowers, and I don’t have the high-cap option here – so maybe I’ll just get some Chip McCormick or Wilson magazines for the old ’43 Colt, and some more 10-round mags for my abbreviated poodlepopper. And more ammo. One thing I’ve been thinking about getting is a forward grip – and not having any tactical awareness or experience I was considering a couple different ones, the Bobro short SACL, the TangoDown ADM short, and the LaRue LT-690 FUG. I can’t see the reason to have a long dangly grip hanging down out front if its purpose is really to drive the muzzle – but I am an idjit about any and all of that anyhow…

UPDATE: Damn I didn’t even liunk the objects of my desire… (fixed)


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7 thoughts on “On The Bright Side

  1. The tangodown adm short…how have I survived without one?….I love this stuff even if I haven’t much of a clue what the hell I’m reading about.

  2. Affirmative on the citizenship thing.Also affirmative on the rail, by Krebs. It’s a really nice piece by a small, family run place. I think it’s a great piece of hardware now that it’s installed. It’s sized right and fits nicely. The TangoDown job is held in place by a dual-slotted detent with a metal leaf spring. It works, but I found it a pain to install. Murder on the fingerstips. Lightly lubing the rail is advised.I bought the full length unit because A) I was worried about USA parts compliance issues with 922(r) and B) it has a removable strip on one side for pressure tape switch for a flashlight.It works, and exactly the way I hoped it would.

  3. Congratulations! Can you outfit the child with dual-citizenship via Mom? Did you put a rail on the AK? The AK wooden forward grip looks ok as a chew-toy? 😉 The fore-grips I’ve been looking at have metal-on-metal connections and an attachment lever to bind it to the rail.

  4. Uh, first one is due in just a few weeks, actually.For me, life will be changing dramatically soon.The thought had occured to me that there should be contingency plans put in to motion, for obvious reasons. I need cash to do that, and as I’m sure you are aware, that’s in short supply right now.

  5. I recently put my AK back together, and I’d consider it about 90% finished. It’s functional and as part of its ergonomic upgrade, TangoDown’s regular length forward grip was added.Good piece of kit, though it’s not easy to get on yer rail. At least for me it wasn’t.I still need to post the “finished” product. Time, where does it go?

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