No on CA 1A Boondiggydoggle

It’s Ok to vote NO on the crazy ground speed’plane-train.
It’s not a real train, it’s a semi-flying car-thing, and it’s going to cut the state down the middle lengthwise just to run it through everybody’s backyards (but mostly poor people who won’t be compensated). And there won’t be any cool dive-down hairy flying into Burbank like Southwest airlines does, there won’t be any rollercoaster fun stuff at all. And there won’t be free wi-fi – I bet.
It’ll be like standing in an elevator going sideways while a rich BMW driving asshole pickpocket from Pacific Heights in San Francisco takes your money and gives it to a friend of his who’s a drunk, a rich coked-up Hollywood type drunk somewhere in Los Angeles.
They’re both drunk on your money and need to stop.
Besides, people in San Francisco hate people from LA, so the train would only be used by archly hip and avante-garde Anarcho-gangbangers in black t-shirts with asymmetrical haircuts and piercings and very pale skin and Converse hi-tops going south to harrass tough latinos who would kick their sorry weak asses.
Vote no on 1A. Besides Quentin Kopp is for it and he’s a SF snooty-butthead.

UPDATE from the Banana Republic of Califortofustia:

The Golden State’s finances are a mess. California’s general obligation debt has tripled in the past six years and is now almost equal to the state’s $145 billion annual budget. Even without any new loans, in three years the state will spend a record 6.1% of its budget just to service the debt it already has. What’s more, with the economic slowdown, the state is now expecting a deficit larger than $1.1 billion for the first three months of this fiscal year. The state’s rainy-day fund is running dry, which has hurt its credit rating….

Actually, the state’s budget woes should give votes pause—especially since high-speed rail is a fantasy that has as much chance of delivering on its promises of creating 450,000 jobs, vanquishing road congestion and lowering greenhouse gases as “Conan the Barbarian” had of winning the Oscar.

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  1. A friend of mine from CA called me to ask for advice in filling out his absentee ballot, we voted no.I love Burbank airport. I flew Southwest in and out of Burbank twice a month for more than 5 years. In all those landings we only did a go around once and never pulled into the gas station that used to be across the street at the end of the runway.


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