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Barak “Spread The Wealth” Obama let us know in a rare moment of candor that his position on the Ownership Society is: What’s Yours is Mine, in his appeal to The Many to take from The Few. This is an old political song that doesn’t represent much in the way of change.

Frenzied attacks on “the rich” and “the wealthy” culminated in the ratification of the 16th Amendment in 1913, authorizing federal taxation of income from all sources without limit. The same year, historian Charles Beard published “An Economic Interpretation of the United States Constitution.” This book – later debunked – suggested that the Constitution was the handiwork of a propertied elite serving its own interests. Such sentiment has poisoned American political thought ever since.

The top 1 percent in America pay about the same as the bottom 95 percent, according to the nonpartisan research group, The Tax Foundation. The bottom 50 percent paid just 3 percent. How do you cut taxes for “90 percent of America” when they contribute less than the top 1-percent?

From the time of Aristotle up until the foundation of this country history has shown that all known Democracies, as James Madison put it, were “incompatible with personal security or the rights of property.” They were failures and collapsed into the dustbin of memory. A primary cause of the American Revolution was an unjust tax and the Founders knew very well how taxation could be used as a tool for one group to prey on another, which is why they made it a “first object of government” to protect personal property from unjust confiscation.

As Aristotle had noted in his time, and time and time again been shown correct, “If the majority distributes among itself the things of a minority, it is evident that it will destroy the city.” Former Chief Justice John Marshall reduced that to, “The Power to tax involves the Power to destroy.” Senator Obama’s views are contrary to the basic values that America is about. We all have the opportunity to prosper, but it takes hard work. Nothing is free and you can’t tax your way, or OUR WAY to prosperity.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, that and the souls of misguided people whose ideological dislocation from a rational perspective sought for them to impose a Utopian vision on a very differently structured reality – it just doesn’t work that way Senator.

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  1. Just assume anything you hear or read is a lie, until you can verify it and you are OK. Hell, with lots of the media, just assume the opposite of what they report, and you are probably very close to the truth.


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