Ninja Obama!!

From Leibowitz’s Canticle:

The most toxic of the sub-prime mortgages, the deals that tanked Fannie and Freddie, Lehman and Wachovia are called NINJAs. NINJA stands for “No Income, No Job or Assets.” NINJA mortgages became popular in the last 3 years, during the peak boil of the Barney Frank and Chris Dodd era of “affordable mortgages” for all.

We’re now looking to vote for a presidential candidate about whom we know less than Lehman knew about those mortgages. (And Lehman no longer exists… (my add))

Large segments of Senator Obama’s history are missing from public record. We have no idea how he did in school, his transcripts are cloaked in secrecy. Same for his SAT and LSAT scores. No medical records have been made available. We do not know with whom he collaborated on his best selling book. We have no idea whom he represented while practicing law, nor do we know how he financed his degrees. We know that he used pot and cocaine, but not how much or for how long, or with whom. His record as an Illinois state senator has been sealed. We cannot know whether he ran for office as a member of a socialist party or was merely endorsed by it.

We don’t know why he associated with the thoroughly corrupt ACORN and Rezko, the flaming terrorists Ayers and Dohrn and the marxists Wright and Phleger. We can’t learn why he supported them, nor why they support him.

All we know is that he is a good guy. That we know because he tells us so.

He is the NINJA candidate, his future performance as unknown as the mortgages at Lehman.

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  1. I talked to a couple of ladies who watched the debate last night, they are voting for Obama.Why, because McCain was a smart-aleck. He smirked, he didn’t go into detail like Obama did (are they watching the same debates…neither covered much detail). Also because Palin can’t control her family….how many other candidates have pregnant daughters. This is from mothers who should know better, they also think she should spend time with her baby instead of working.It was absolutely unreal to listen to their ‘reasons’ for not wanting to vote for McCain. Not a single position, not a single policy, not a single clue at what Obama’s wanted to do, all based on emotion.Bob S.


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