My AR has a firstname, it’s C-r-i-s-t-ó-b-a-l (sung to the baloney song)

Hey, I’m #1 in Oviedo Spain with Google Espania, “things all around me” – and the Serial Number of my match-rifle has “1492” to commemorate the advances made in firearms since the days of matchlock harquebus and arquebuses.

(Interestingly enough, from the excavation at the Molasses Reef site it appears they fired 14mm and 7mm lead ammunition balls ).

And someone at the Navy Network Information Center in Pensacola reads my blatherings, uh-err…ah…and/but so does someone at the Treasury Department, who also it seems reads JR at A Keyboard and a .45 too – and someone out there watches paint dry.
And in honor of the Welsh mercifully invading America and settling wee settlements (of wee miners?), there is a place called Gwynedd-Mercy College in Pennsylvania – I never knew that. Ok, lighten-up my Welsh friends.

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3 thoughts on “My AR has a firstname, it’s C-r-i-s-t-ó-b-a-l (sung to the baloney song)

  1. MikeT – But they would sing an incredible (if indistinguishable) Opera! 🙂TshsMom – I watched a clump of grass twirl around once, but I had extra “help”…


  2. Ah Welsh, the only language on Earth that uses as many consonants together as Italian uses vowels. If someone ever made a bastard tongue from those two, it would sound like the mutterings of aliens.


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