Gunbloggers Rendezvous III

The drive up Teh Hillz was sunny and thankfully uneventful, and I got to Reno about 2:30 after leaving home at about 10:00AM. The new-to-me truck displayed better aerodynamics crossing the windy Davis Hippie Farm and Sacatomato Valley. I punched-in some additional gassage at 163 miles up the incline (Colefax), when I got down to 1/4 tank. I hauled-ass. Happily met-up with my bud JimmyB, and we took off on a beer-run to Costco – yay suds!
Everybody was super-psyched to set their Peeps of the Gub decoder rings to 6:00PST and punch in coordinates for the Grand Sierra Resort and connect with the Wheelbarrows of Cash Dispensers.
Wayne looked pooped-out but delivered, and in the aftermath put up with flouncy large local female GOP admirers in the handshake line. Chris Cox liked my Heller Kitty t-shirt. The best question of the post-op was a small Asian woman who said something along the lines of, “I’m scared, I escaped Communism and became a citizen five years ago (UPDATE: fourteen years ago) – what are we going to do if Obama wins?” Bottom line is we keep fighting, toe-to-toe, day after day, never give an inch. The Dispensers of Cash didn’t being my wheelbarrow – I guess they’re not hooked up with George Soros who funds the Left magnanimously through false-front foundations and other (UPDATE:)hyperbole total bullshit.
Then it snowed.

And I bought woolly socks at Cabela’s.

Zeke, Larry Weeks, and Derek chased me out into the parking lot – it was cold. I’d never been to a Cabela’s before and they have a lot of shit. And it was damn cold outside. Dinner at a Basque place which featured a cocktail I’d never heard of before – Praline Punch. Kinda like 40-proof Sangria. I had the lamb. It was damn cold outside at night too.

Saturday dawned clear and cold and we hightailed it to the range after a horribly overpriced buffet-breakfast. I wore two t-shirts and a CMP sweatshirt under my coat, which luckily had my MSR Windstopper gloves hidden away in its pocketses.
The wool socks were a boon. Even more of a boon was the reassurance granted by my little Noveske. 1-2-3 it hit well with iron sights.

The BigMonsterBoomer that Rick brought along made a deeply soulfull noise, but somehow I missed lining up behind the stock. Then came the magic, My New Hero, big guy Jim who lives in Reno, brought his NFA papered FNC.
YEE-HAW!!! What was that? DO IT AGAIN!!


I couldn’t wipe the grin from my face… When you stand nearby, the empty casings fall on you like sweet raindrops all around – I found out while video taping Derek.
It was cold and the hot casings did no harm.

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11 thoughts on “Gunbloggers Rendezvous III

  1. That was really unfortunate. I should have taken video anyway and have you shoot some of my .223.I had so much fun, I went through a little bit of David’s ammo stash too.Jim offered to meet us again at the range the next time we’re out there. He mentioned he’s getting a papered M-11. That ought to be fun. By then, we’ll definitely get that video for you. =)


  2. saying “I went to a Basque restaurant in Reno” is like saying “I went to a Mexican Restaurant in San Diego”. It helps to be specific. lol On the way out of town there in 2001, some friends and I took the route through the mountains, but weren’t really sure where we were. The running joke became “I know where we are! Basque restaurant landmark!” It was funny at the time, I promise.


  3. I brought extra .223 ammo just for the FUN! It’s Derek’s video, there isn’t one of me. 😦I can withstand the Cabela’s urge, and this being the closest one, at 243 miles away, makes it even easier.They also don’t have much tactical Ninja Recon SealTeam stuff.


  4. FNC!?! Don’t see one of those very often!Glad you had a good time.And Cabela’s; I simply MUST stay out of that store…and it’s SOOOOO hard, lemme tell ya, with one only 20 minutes from my domicile.


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