Rain Not Rain

First rain since May!
But brief and gone away already. Highs forecast for the coming week into the 90’s by Friday, Gunbloggerrondezvousezday.

The rain started and awoke me at 4:00AM and ended shortly before I left the house around 7:00 and drove down to Practice. The road was wet and greasy but no rain fell from the sky that was streaked with clouds being torn off the tops of the nearby hillsides like gray kleenex.
It brightened at the range but turnout was low, so instead of running a simulated Match with target changes and everything (as we usually do) we just practiced on individual things – whatever you wanted to do.
I shot some offhand, to reassure myself that I even could, and also tried to get some X’s in prone for the same reason. It worked with a bunch of Nines offhand and this nice little group of X’s prone. Maybe I should clean the rifle more frequently.

It cleared up again when we finished.

But it didn’t remain that way, and I drove through a frog-strangler and a turd-floater before getting home again.

No more rain is expected for a while.

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