Building A Religion

Best. Scary. Censored. Obamatronic. Religiosity. Video. Ever.

Has this nation gone totally blind? The Youth-Movement Nuremberg-rally chanting of the gathered-together Faithfull at the beginning and at the end is truly the stomach-churning noise that Fascism makes as it hunts in the night for its prey.

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4 thoughts on “Building A Religion

  1. Yes they are. They are stupid fools.I agree haji. I think McCain is going to smoke him in November. At least this is the only true hope I have to hold onto.The McCain campaign is getting pretty snarky lately. Let’s hope it gets on a roll. The latest Fox News poll I saw had them at pretty much a dead heat.


  2. The Germans, as usual, seem to be looking for some kind of World Leader – but the strong Socialist/Fascist push in America, especially among University educated elites is really confounding. For all their hatred of Bush and disparagement of Religion they still want a Strongman/Messiah? Are they so deranged that they don’t even know who they are, their own identity and the idea of our Republic confused by “Democratic Socialism?”Gads!


  3. The Germans are all hyped to vote for him…except that they can’t! Even with all this Obama’s International Tour garbage, he’s got a one or two point lead on McCain in the latest poles. That’s well within the margin of error. He’s gonna get his ass smoked in November…and McCain is running one heck of an inept campaign. Seems people are starting to equate “Change” with “flippity Floppin’ Kerry would be proud of”.


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