Clementina Street, Fran Sanchico

Phlegmfatale of the Fabulous Blog Fatale Abstraction has some issues with the treatment of a wannabee landlord couple in the Independant Socialist Nirvana of San Francisco with its draconian rent-control laws. Ok the charges against them makes ’em sound like they were pretty nasty folks, or not. It could depend on how deeply your multicultural perspective is really reaching. Anyhow San Francisco has some pretty totalitarian rent-control laws that almost make Chicago’s classical Mafia corruption seem insignificant, but in a much different way of hatin’ The Man.
Curious about how anybody could even score a a six-unit, three-story apartment building for under a cool $Million (the median price of a home in Palo Alto) in super-expensive Slam Frandisco, I decided to Google-up a street-view of the location to see wassup wi’dat? It’s not my choice of Cities to ever live in, never-ever is more like it ‘cuz I DO NOT like Cities – there’s too damn many people all around you everywhere all the time. It’s like choosing to drive during rush hour on purpose, because you like the crowd and the intimacy. Forget it. But a bunch of poor bastards chose it for some godddam reason, and heaven help ’em.
Here’s a view of the rent-controlled neighborhood, it’s a two-block long alley by any other name, and comes complete with its own well herb’d and pickled denizens. Here’s a solid citizen dog-walker at least on one end, GOOD DOGGIE!!

And a little further down and across the alley is a street-scene more typical of The City christened Baghdad by the Bay by a famous raconteur/gossip-columnist newspaper reporter/professional character assassin – two bums in a doorway!

On the bright side further down the street and across from a parking lot (surely a million dollar view *snerk*), the sun breaks through to warm another sleeping soul.

And further down two-block long street another local rests in the shade after a hard day of trading at the Stock Market – not.

I can’t tell what the “good” end of the street is – I guess it depends on your perspective, the time of day, and very probably your sense of smell. In a city that is generally cold even on the hottest day of summer and the 80’s throwback style of dressing in ALL BLACK is still a traditional form of clothing-choice, a warm spot to sleep could be advantageous and life-affirming. And a good place to practice you pilates.
So that’s the multi-million-dollar neighborhood, in the Fanciest and Best Restaurant City on the West Coast.
You can keep it.

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5 thoughts on “Clementina Street, Fran Sanchico

  1. <>an expensive alley-way with a few decorative trees interspersing the bums and heroin shooters – another thing for which SF is famous.<>Well, ya know, find what you’re good at and do it.


  2. “…complete with its own well herb’d and pickled denizens.”That sir, is just an amazing application of the English language. Damn near lost my keyboard to the root beer on that one.


  3. It was an interesting exercise to see what a specific section of SF goes-for, and why — which is not answered to my satisfaction in the least. I am aware that there is a body of people who have such high self-regard they ONLY consider being at the center of things to be important, and that means City-living. To me that’s Ground Zero and not a friendly place, but in Liberal World misplaced values and false consciousness abound. Doesn’t rent-control keep values artificially low? You can’t really get rid of anybody and you can’t deny tenancy to anybody either – and the next guy might be even worse. It’s insanely stupid and results in crap like this, an expensive alley-way with a few decorative trees interspersing the bums and heroin shooters – another thing for which SF is famous.


  4. oh, so they were SLUM lords?Actually, they prolly got such a low price on the place because the previous owner was anxious to be rid of these nightmare tenants. As it is, I’m trying to get out of Dallas, which is downright rural compared to SF. I can’t imagine what inducements on earth could ever lure me to such a place.


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