Weekend Tacti-cool Elite Ninja Team Operator Action

ChrisB (who is building an awesome Nebelwerfer) wanted to see a picture of the sling in action, cuz if you drop your Eliteteam rifle and have to go to your sidearm, you’re in trouble – or something, I forget.
I’m not even sure if I have it over the correct shoulder. I’m pulling on the strap to tighten it.
I have blacked-out the logo on my cool-max Ninjashirt for security purposes.
I have my ear protection secured inside my helmet.
I have my finger off the trigger.
Also available for about $5 less, here.
Go Elite-Team!

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Tacti-cool Elite Ninja Team Operator Action

  1. Is that why most people know the names of pirates and nobody can think of the name of the dude that played in those few American Ninja movies? Ninjas lack panache, which is why they never win.


  2. Thud – If you can get a pink AR I’m sure there’s a sling to match?David – THANKS!! Dammit I totally forgot about throwing it away when it jams – how far are you supposed to throw it? Do I need a throwing stick?


  3. As a beginning student of Tacticality I don’t want to step on any of the Masterses toeses. But I believe Lew holds a class around here at Reed’s.


  4. Yeah, your sling is on there correctly. Glad to hear you’re paying attention to the Elite Team Fighter; that dude is squared away. Obviously, he knows a lot more than those Delta guys.


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