Changing Weather

The heat is coming up and the green spinach of springtime is already fading to the hot and dizzy blond of summer, the mirage was fierce at Practice.
I was shooting a new-to-me load of Privi Partizan 75-grain Match and I had a hard time seeing the holes through the morning haze and where it was printing. It was printing low. I shot somewhere in the high 300’s.

I’m going to take a Blogcation for a couple weeks, a Blogiatus as it were or a Blogattical.
It’s only going to be dryer and hotter when I get back.

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13 thoughts on “Changing Weather

  1. Sigh – I was hoping you folks were getting more rain than you obviously are – was hoping you would forward any excess. Golden hills in late Spring are lovely unless you have cattle to feed. Have a wonderful away time!


  2. 05 13 08Hey DC:I hope you and the wife enjoy your vacation. I have missed paying you a visit from time to time. Yes, the rolling golden hills have their own beauty to them don’t they? Yet in spring, the green is so beautiful too!We oft travel to the foothills of the Central Valley, right around Sonora or even Coulterville. Now those hills have their own beauty to them as well.Take Care:)


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