Pistol Match Target Update

We shot at 50yards and then placed a new center on the target and shot again in “timed” – and did that again from 25yards in “rapid”, so there’s three sets of holes one on top of the other. It was fun.

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7 thoughts on “Pistol Match Target Update

  1. Ahhhh…NRA Bullseye shooting.Fun, and aggravating at the same time…Nice target, BTW.We start our outdoor league the first week of June.jimmyb


  2. I only shot at an indoor once during a Basic Pistol class, and it was poorly lit and too noisy – I like the outdoors much better!Yes Tweety sort of – “timed” means that we were timed and had twenty seconds to shoot five shots, “rapid” meant we had 10-seconds to shoot five!I’ll have to give that some thought CommonCents, I don’t do much of anything that has any commercial value, but I’ll take a look.


  3. It took a few minutes to realize what you meant by timed.. It means you set the gun or something on a timer and shoot at certain times right?? What got me thinking is the rapid fire is one right after another…. I am no gun expert… LOL..


  4. Just a couple of days ago, I was at my local indoor pistol range and was getting upset at what I thought were rather flagrant misses.Upon retrieval of the target, I found all of my holes in the black.Good shooting and poor lighting can piss ya right off! Gonna have to ask Richard to fix that.Good on ya with the hogleg. Handgun shooting is a blast, no?


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