Rangeday Springtime

Nice day Saturday…

I think I shot a 405-2X – they havn’t posted the scores yet.
Afterwards we held a pistol match and I had brought along Old Betsy, the Colt 1909 New Service. She acquitted herself pretty well too although again I don’t know the score, other people shot better and I don’t know how low I finished in the standings.
We shot from 50 yards and then 25, and from each distance I got an X which surprised hell out of me.

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8 thoughts on “Rangeday Springtime

  1. I’m sure the X was accidental! The range is especially nice at this time of year, soon it will turn brown and stay that way until next December. Already the mirage during the second relay (11:30) was enough to overpower my Meopta spotting scope.


  2. Getting an X @ 50 yards with a handgun is certainly nothing to sneeze at! Even at 10 yards my groups look like crap, but like Scott says, the guy would be dead…


  3. Hi Scott, thanks! Sorry I didn’t post any target pictures but mainly the weather was nice and I’m getting the feeling that targets get boring.The pistol match was kinda fun and I’m surprised I did get the few X’s at those distances!


  4. Always nice to hear about your shooting. I went out in the desert and tried out my scrounged parts target stands. Not very impressed with my shooting, but if it was a guy, he’d be dead. I’ll post it in a few days I guess.


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