Heller in DC

Oral arguments in District of Columbia v. Heller before the Supreme Court of the United States have begun this morning. Say Uncle has a roundup. I’m not actively onto it because I don’t play a Lawyer on the Internet, I play a Cultural Anthropologist – which is not nearly as exciting or lucrative.

Better still Sebastian has a quote from one Professor Randy Barnett:

To shrink from enforcing a clear mandate of the Constitution — as, sadly, the Supreme Court has often done in the past — would create a new precedent that would be far more dangerous to liberty than any weapon in the hands of a citizen.

“This case is about a lot more than guns. If the federal courts are unwilling to give an honest reading of a very clear portion of the Bill of Rights that the majority of Americans and their elected representatives say means exactly what it says, then they can no longer be depended up for ensuring the United States remains a Constitutional Republic. The meaning of the document will have been reduced to a fad, and we’ll all be the losers.”

I really wish there were more people active on the 1st Amendment side who could see this, but they seem thoroughly blinded by their own self-importance and attachment to the primacy of the 1st Amendment.

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4 thoughts on “Heller in DC

  1. One of the guys in my gun club who sometimes comes out to shoot his .303 is a Wee Yorkie, and another is a Sout’Effrican – so there’s some loopholes to shootin’ that you can still traverse on a resident-basis. 🙂 For more info on Ex-Pat-Brit shooters in Californoodilia you can ask Kevin at < HREF="http://www.brownvalleykingdom.blogspot.com/" REL="nofollow">Brown Valley Kingdom<>.


  2. As a wannabe American and disenfranchised Brit gun owner..I wish that more americans where following this case with the gravity it deserves.


  3. <>“I really wish there were more people active on the 1st Amendment side who could see this..”<>BINGO!!!Give that man a Kewpie doll!And if someone can’t wrap their head around the implications of what it is that you are saying here, and the implications of the nearest tangents (more likely than even <>I<> fear) of this, then we are A) doomed, and B) should take the opportunity to perform some Darwinian social-selection on the dolts who are so obviously taken the mean down.Swirling about the bowl, I tell ya.


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