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Some thoughts: Obama’s got a problem with Organized Religion, perhaps more than one – wouldn’t be the first time a person had their own private wrestling match with Faith. But in this instance he’s gone and denounced his spiritual adviser for the Coin of Politics. There’s a very judgmental term for that act, but the Media doesn’t like Judgments, they’re a Narrative Killer.

As much as I vehemently disagree with Wright I recognize that he’s just a mouthpiece for a set of typical and well cultivated sentiments of Liberalism: Teh Victimhoodz. Cutting Wright off at the knees with his “Old Uncle” slapdown is a cheap-shtick and Obama does the rest of us no service. He especially does no service to the many who have bought-into and ingrained Teh Core-Victim Path. Will he ride off that way or go to The Bridge To Change? Getting them victims up and throwing off those crutches, tearing away the bandages from their eyes — that would be Real Change, the “Change” he says WE are, and that Obama declares he seeks — yet he does not seem to know it.

The Rev. Wright’s rhetoric is hateful and venomous, but it’s just the standard “Me!” platform of Identity Politics, and if you listen much you can hear it anywhere in my neighborhood, in the most Progressively Leftist Churches, on many bumper-stickers, and chanted at rallies.

It’s a mistake to think that Christianity is simply A Thing of the Right, unless you’re a confirmed atheist, or agnostic, and totally oblivious and unaware of the Activist Christian Left and Liberation Theology. (Thanks, Harvey Cox!) The Media make very little mention of the Lefts’ Christian Soldiers (Cadre more like) because they are an In-The-Pocket assumption, and what little Religious Narrative trickles through is fairly dismissed. When Bill Clinton attends Church it’s glossed over as a trifle, it’s no different to The Narrative than, “Bill Clinton goes shopping and eats a Big Mac.” When “during prayers” a “Cleric” of some kind goes off on an “Evil Administration, American Hating Screed” (with which they fundamentally, in Narrative agree) it’s mostly contained. glossed-over, or ignored.
Whereas the Narrative, “Republicans Court Evangelicals” is a dark (and exciting) story of misogyny and sex and exploitation, of secret societies and the racist roots of the Christian Right — mainly because they cannot find a counterpart on the left quite as juicy, or as pre-fabricated — and what they do find they simply won’t discuss. Equivalency is a One-Way street.
“Evangelicalism” is a bright and burning, straw boogy-man, simply because for Republicans the Evangelical Vote is a group that matters in quantity and substance. A similar group on The Left, the Left-Liberal Christian Pro-Choice Gay-Marriage Vote matters just as much and is equally as much presumed as is the Black Vote. But it’s Religious and they try to avoid that Narrative unless they can distance themselves, or unless the Religious do it for them with a convenient, congregational, anti-Americanism. Now they kinda have-to acknowledge the embarrassing “Revrend Wright Stuff,” since the window was opened-up and they got caught peeking-in.

The a-Thiest Equivocating Media is/are so obviously uncomfortable, un-schooled, and unfamiliar with Religion beyond a really superficial caricature: Invisible Friend In The Sky Narrative – they even deny their own deeply fundamental worship of Socialism-The-Answer-to-Religion: Invisible Che in the Future Sky. So they fumble the ball terribly. But don’t talk about it or bring it up because they are uncomfortable with Religion and it’s not fair — unless they are busy making YOU uncomfortable about religion, which is fair game and all just grist for the mill…

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  1. I hear ya dirt! I keep also hearing from other blog-people how wacky it is there. Its a crying shame. Come on down to semi conservative central FL, y’all!


  2. Good writing especially about the Christian Left which you never see. A former girlfriend who went back t become a nun is heavily into this social peace and justice crap, meaning she is a tool for the lefties. FYI I am an atheist and proud of it, but NOT a liberal.


  3. How right you are about the Religious Left in this country. Someone in my extended family sent out an FYI email about B.O.’s specious history, and she was completely cowed and shouted down by an obvious BO fan from her flock at her church who used her church’s propaganda to persuade her it was ungodly of her and un-christian to have pointed out any flaw in BO. Talk about mind-numbed robots. Creepy.


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