Obama’s Office in Texas

From FreedomSight I was alerted to this pohenomenon.
Staffed by a 40+something volunteer lady who was visibly irked that anybody would question or even draw attention to the picture on the Cuban flag.

What an unmitigated retard, and my deep apologies for those suffering from Down’s Syndrom.

Can’t we ever kill the cockroach of Communism, finally once and for all?

For what it’s worth Obama won heavily in Palo Alto and Menlo Park places where revolutionary-chic is still popular and people are really-really smart, educated, and very wealthy – so I submit that smarts, education, and wealth have absolutely nothing to do with actual intelligence. There’s more intelligence in a beaver-pond.

UPDATE: did some prettifying.


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3 thoughts on “Obama’s Office in Texas

  1. If you go over to http://www.rachellucas.com you’ll see a picture of her dog Sunny, a Rhodesian Ridgeback who is running for president in a very similar picture. Sunny is a MUCH bigger, badder bitch than the Hildebeaste. If McCain doesn’t surrender his delegates to Sunny, she has promised to eat him. And she doesn’t mean that in a GOODway. Check it out!

  2. Other than the fact that he rode a Norton for a while, I can’t see any other redeeming value to the guy unless you sell t-shirts … to numb nuts.

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