From a post at 7.62mm Justice I made my way to the excellent,
and the great millblogger SeeJaneMom and to a post titled Objectivism Makes a Comeback. Seeing a similar dispiritedness among right-watchers and noticing the “circling-the-drain” effect spread, I had to respond, somewhat in kind – but lacking an attachment to Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged (a book that was frequently found among other Missionaries’ homes, strangely (or not?) enough). So what I said was this:

I grew up on the other side. Ultra Pacifist parents religiously motivated by Liberation Theology to support Collectivism in all shapes and guises – and given Soviet propaganda reading material as a child. Oh great. Even as an eight-year old I could smell the difference.
As a young, independent, and voracious reader Ayn’s wordy and didactic characters never “sold” me, but reminded me more of Sunday-sermonizing and how among the proselytizing Left each experience and element become a “teachable moment” to be hammered home – that’s what the hammer-and-sickle stood for: a constant, banging, hammering repetition of the same old crap – and of hammering square pegs into round holes. It was an inundation over the years that bored me to tears.

Somehow I escaped the kool-aid drinkers.

I know it’s bad among the Pachyderms and I have limited resources too, but I can’t vote for The Other Side. You don’t want the rest of the States to become like California do you? That’s what we face, a City Council like Berkeley in every town. Stock up on ammo. In fifty years I have never voted well for somebody, or with much more than defiance against something worse-else.

I escaped, but got out late. Don’t be late.


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