Show’s over, nothing to see here, move along folks

I shlepped the two big boxes that contained the booth and a few smaller ones up to UPS and sent them packing. Now my Garage is empty and free – sometimes Freedom is the freedom of Nothingness. Yesterday I took the 42-inch TV to the guy who won the drawing and got rid of it – so now I’m all done except for the ’08 Invoice. Hehehehe.

The Show itself ran well, and we had more than double the legitimate leads over last year’s numbers along with fewer lookie-loos and undesirables. If you ask me from the floor-perspective, this Economy is doing good – better than last year which was also better than the year before that. More good-looking people walked the convention floor and it wasn’t all hired booth-candy (and it wasn’t me, I’m not that photogenic). Everybody made an effort to be approachable and worthy of approach in their grooming – except for the ONE guy on the garlic diet who left a tingly, wafting scent following behind him.
Now back to the usual interstitial freedom of small nothings.

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