Red Sky at Morning

The dawn broke, brightly lit red as I loaded the truck, and grayed over and went away amid cold sprinkles of rain as I drove south. A small group was gathering and a couple new guys.
It was cold at the end of the valley, with wind streaming through. Cold from the snow on the surrounding peaks pushing cold air down, and with the oncoming front of wetness pushing the chilled air to the bottom of the valley and funneling it through a venturi, causing more cold. I wore gloves.

I didn’t shoot so hot in any position, and finally in slow-prone the sky brightened and the sun came back and forth between clouds, I just tried to place shots. With the bright light on it shot high, under cloud-cover it shot low – and I busily clicked the elevation knob between conditions to try and compensate. Didn’t exactly work, you can see the two groups. Still, salvaged the outing with a 405-2x.

The rain came in later as I arrived home. Some people asked about the 200-yard gongs:
Some last longer than others. Now it’s a hanging plate of steel.

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