Now that I’ve made more room with the office furniture, there’s a gap in my closet and a serious gunnyitch, bit by the Blackrifle Mosquito and it’s swellin’ up as I rapidly approach a significant milestone – but I’m not sure if it’s at all possible given my finances and permissions required. One is less expensive than the other.

And I’m not all so sure about the whole rail-rail-rail thing on the spendy one since I really just wanted it for the Aimpoint to be switchable over from the M1 Carbine – not into lights and lasers and buzzers and grenade launchers and jack-tactical things – I just don’t have them….not yet anyhow.

It is much more about want than need, but the inevitable changes would be a swap to free-floating guards or rail, and so why not start out that way? Still the point is having a light and short, happy fun-gun upper, and a bit cheap – not a Guccigun all botoxed with stretched skin and bulbously poofed lips like Donatella. Yeesh!

UPDATE: I lurve the names of the Noveske 5.56 and 6.8 and 7.62 products: Leonidas, Crusader, Afghan, and Infidel — and I get better feedback (more anyhow) from my small circle of readers than any other resource, please submit more!

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