35° Degrees Fahrenheit

It was cool this morning, 35° – then it cleared out and brightened up, then some weather tried to get in and the wind came up and things got cold again.

I shot a miserable 67 offhand that killed my score, but I stuck around. I’ve heard that some guys take-off – I guess they figure there’s no point in further shooting once they blow a stage, but that kind of behavior doesn’t usually happen with the guys in my club. I shot on target #3 in the first relay with the regulars. We had enough new shooters for their own relay, so we lead – and then in the second stage we helped coach the new guys and did the target changes and scoring – that’s how it’s supposed to work, everybody chips-in.

Did sweetly with a 96-4X in rapid-seated (best yet), and then worked up a pretty good rapid-prone with an 85-1X – not my best but second-best. Finally in slow-prone I clicked up windage right two and up one, and settled in on tying up my best-yet slow prone score with another 182 – and then beat it with 4X’s! Small improvements in little increments. Finished with 430-9X.
There’s the score that went missing after the lightweight bullets came apart with the fast twist – those nine X’s “and twelve 3’s,” as my wife laughingly called it.
I got my 9-X’s back. But that lousy offhand – if I had got them in as I did at the last Match I would have made Expert, but its getting close…I can taste it.
Drove home and together we went out to La Fiesta for a Mexican lunch. The Casa Noble Añejo is killer in a Margarita, probably shouldn’t do that (mix it in a Margarita), but what the hell, it’s yummy.

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