Happy Last Week of November

I’m tired-out, the Tanksgibbon in the cage-match pummeled me. We (me) had a lot of cleaning to do before guests were allowed to step foot inside, and then there was the cookin’ blitz. Today I shop-vac’d the two balconys.

Bobgirrl at 1 Girl, 4 Martinis alerts me that in InternetExploder this blog looks sucky and dorky (I’m a Firefox kinda guy), and meanwhile Nannystate-Google Blogger wants me to change my template and “update” it (bitch). But it appears that would dump a lot of the junk and the blogrolls I have layered-up and stacked in the sidebar, and besides which I’m not real impressed with their alternative choices. So, until I back up some of that stuff I’m gonna to be a hold-out. Yeh this damn blog takes a molasses to load, and it’s probably all that crap and more that are behind the slow-dribble.

Meanwhile in Californoodilia we have another pseudo “Proposition” on the upcoming ballot, a fake “Term-limits reform” measure placed there by the greedy fatcats of Incumbistan in the Slugislature to protect and preserve their duplicitous asses — thanks for coming out against another Gubb’mint swindle Steve:

Prop. 93 is one of the most deceptive and dishonest measures that Californians have been asked to vote on in many years. It’s a sham proposal to weaken term-limits, masquerading as an effort to “reform” and strengthen them.
Put simply, Prop. 93 is a trick. It is intentionally designed to fool the people into thinking they are voting to reduce terms for state legislators when, in fact, it contains a special loophole to give 42 termed-out incumbent politicians more time in office. In fact, it will dramatically increase terms for 80 percent of California’s legislators. Prop. 93 doubles the number of years a politician can serve in the Assembly from six to 12 years and increases Senate terms by 50 percent – from a total of eight years to 12 years.
You won’t be surprised to learn that Prop. 93 is written by career politicians for the benefit of career politicians, and funded by millions of dollars from special interests with business before the Legislature.
The entire strategy behind the Yes on Prop. 93 campaign is smoke and mirrors. The politicians and special interests working to pass Prop. 93 are counting on voters never learning the facts about the initiative’s real impact because they know they could never win an honest vote to weaken term limits….
If Prop. 93 passes it would remove a check on powerful politicians. It’s also likely to permanently kill any hopes for really reforming the way the state’s legislative districts are drawn every 10 years. If politicians and special interests get what they want by extending their terms and staying in office there will be no incentive in Sacramento to ever reform redistricting. They’ll be even more powerful than they are now and javascript:void(0)
Publish Postbetter positioned to defeat any citizen-sponsored initiative to make our legislative districts fair.

As they say in Sacramento, “Oh Great Bohica, please use Vasaline this time!”
If we can get our incredible State back from the sell-out promisers and the political giveaway crowd, we can help America change from a handout-driven Gubb’mint Culture to one that really reflects American values. The outcome would be monumental to the rest of the country besides.

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