CNN – The Sock Puppet Network

A funny thing happened on the way to the Democrat’s Forum, among a bunch of “ordinary people, undecided voters,” turned out to be six partisan axe-grinders with pre-planned questions on the exclusive, approved CNN menu. Thanks to Doug Ross we know that

Plant #1: LaShannon Spencer, who was introduced as an “undecided voter”, tagged by Dan Riehl: she served as the political director of the Democratic Party of Arkansas.
Plant #2: Khalid Kahn, the president of the Islamic Society of Nevada, who has appeared on CNN’s show Keeping the Faith in Sin City. and is a Democrat contributor to the extent of $2,000 to Harry Reid.
Plant #3: Suzanne Jackson, a well-known antiwar activist.
Plant #4: Maria Luisa is actually Maria L. Parra-Sandoval, who is slated to serve as the political communications intern for Senator Harry Reid in Washington, D.C.
Plant #5: Judy Bagley, a Union activist for the Vegas culinary workers union.
Plant #7: George Ambriz, an Executive Director of the ¡Sí Se Puede! Foundation and former president of MEChA, the Hispanic separatist organization that encourages anti-American activities and civil disobedience.

In a nutshell, CNN’s six “undecided voters” were:

A Democratic Party bigwig
An antiwar activist
A Union official
An Islamic leader
A Harry Reid staffer
A radical Chicano separatist

It wasn’t a debate that CNN hosted at all, it was a commercial.

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