JBL Craptastic

This thing is an expensive, unreliable POS only good for charging-up the other POS, the freeze-prone Steve Jobs personal enrichment device.

This is the bi-weekly state of screen-affairs requiring a full manual reset since its ability to automatically fetch time from the airwaves is sporadic, intermittent, and unreliable also.
The noise that can be produced by the hoop is resplendent, but its control is not – you cannot set the alarm to begin functioning within a range – it starts out loud and progressively gets louder, and LOUDER, AND LOUDER AND LOUDER until the Neighbors are also awakened. It’s more of a Dorm-Room kind of thing, appropriate for loud, affluent children.
So we don’t use it for that anymore at all. It’s just a, iPod charger now, set to beep when morning comes. At leas that is manageable, since frequently attempting to awaken to iPod music it neglected to begin with the chosen selection and instead played randomly from the iPod itself.

Also the display is so bright that even at the lowest setting you cannot go to sleep next to it unless it’s covered by a cloth – and so it is.

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