Happy Reminders of Mordor

Guns and Guts reminds us that it was a scant eighteen years ago already, that,

On this day in 1989 the East German government announced that anyone that wanted to could leave the country. Thousands did so, and over a few weeks time they tore down the greatest symbol of the Soviet’s horrible oppression of millions.

It reminds me that there’s a generation who have grown up not mindful of the evil and horrors perpetrated behind that wall – and that a body of creepy, ugly, and mentally-deficient thugs remain who seek to dull and divert attention from that knowledge and gloss-over its impact.
I went through Checkpoint Charlie and spent a day walking around among the strangled sklaven population. I watched the East German Honor Guard goosstepping past their war memorial without a hint of irony in that action. I ate the lousy food in The People’s Cafeteria. At least the beer was ok.

Besides the Islamofascists, it is They who we still fight: the ex-Stalinists and “former” Sozialistfascists who hide behind the word “Democratic” – about as laughingly Democratic as GDR was — the “German Democratic Republic” with their misshapen steroidal manwoman athletes. I saw the man in the tower with the binoculars looking out at his targets, and the “natty” Russian tourists coming off a tour bus in their stylish East-bloc suits and dresses. Clothing that looked like it was cut from carpet and upholstery remnants or material suitable for floor-covering. Heavy tweed-weaves in colors of bitter cyanidal orange and radioactive chartreuse, flecked with the bile of chemical-purple. You might think 1977 was bad in America, but you aint seen nothing.

The place sucked massivly but for one thing, one bright and luminous essence – an element of beauty that the East Germans could hold but never touch or become.

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She was in a darkened room, in the Ägyptisches Museum and I had worshiped her since I was Ten years old and see her picture in an encyclopedia, and I had my very quiet and small camera with me…

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