Match Results

Whoo-wee! I think the GunBloggerRendezvous lit a fire under me. It was a nice day that cleared from some overcast to bright sun. Shot in the second relay on target #7 again and shot well, finishing as top Sharpshooter with a personal best of 427-6X. Not enough to make Expert, but getting there.
Not so great Offhand with a 73-0X, better in Rapid-Seated (same as last Practice actually) at 84-2X, much mo’betta in Rapid-Prone with a 93-2X, finished up with a 177-2X in Slow-Prone for my best score yet.
I think I like shooting on #7 not out of any notion of Luck but because it’s got a white target label between two black ones, and it’s a sharp angled shape between two curvacious ones – the 6 and the 8 – so I can pick it out better.

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