Gun Style

On the Islands last trip, I switched solar-blast protective headgear from the rugged, Jeep-drivin’ sweat-absorbin’ bandanna, to a thin-brim chapeau with a flash of blue which better suited the Mustang convertible we rented this time. It was a decision of some subsequent karmic substance. A few months ago while passing-through an outdoor terrarium in the Ginormous Spendy-Mall, we noticed a travel shoppe with interesting wares that immediately recalled to me a childhood adventure – The Day We Left America Behind for Exotic Heathen Lands and Detestable Smells. As a Seven-Year-Old I had one of these little square bag like that for my notebooks, pens and colored pencils, and Instamatic camera – I had it for The Trip. We departed from our down-Peninsula little town airport in a roaring big Sikorsky Helicopter, up to SFO and then flew away on a 727. We would not return to the same place as we left, everything would be different, and us different too. That little bag now looks Yikes! like a purse – which for a kid doesn’t make any damn difference but as an adult I can choose better than my Mom when she handed-around the travel-kit – so I bought the bigger duffel-shaped one. As a bag it makes a great gun-carrier.

So with the hat and the Pan-Am bag I’m suddenly getting a tingling spider-snesation and a cool-guy Mid-’60’s Frank Abagnale Jr. vibe – and I sense something silvery — the big question is what gun goes with such a vibe? Thanks to The Unforgiving Minute, here’s a stunning stainless Hi-Power. At a nearby shop is a shiny PPK. And then there’s the always the classic Model 66 with a 3-inch tube. Silvery seems right, and goes with the light blue…not that I can afford something quite as marvelous as that Hi-Power right now, but maybe it’s time to move a bit past 100-year old Victorian era antiques to the simply retro.

UPDATE: Found in comments, added here: Mmmm…Oh jeeze! Ed Brown Bobtail Kobra Carry Stainless .45 – freakin’ Cabelas drives me crazy.

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