Gunblogger Rendezvous

Mr. Completely orchestrated a fine gathering of gunnies. Man that Eotech of Say Uncle’s is outstanding, and the outrageously high level of smarts as JimmyB commented, was mighty humbling. Fodder is ahead of me in what I need to be doing next – gun cleanup, I got a mess of GSR to remove from steel.

My drive up to Reno was uneventful, on a beautiful, clear, autumn day in the Sierras.

Arriving at the Casino I spotted a couple of gun-cases, and at the Reception Desk I met U.S. Citizen from Traction Control (who had brung a .50 BMG to shoot, and the ne plus ultra super-articulate blogger Snowflakes in Hell’s Sebastian.
It was just a real treat for me to meet all these great folks and their wives (those who came).

I brought along my usual collection of antique crap, the 30-40 Krag and the M1 Carbine in a rifle case, and the handcannons separately.
At the Range we were greeted with a brilliant day and the Mountains of the Moon (seemed like it anyhow) as a backdrop and shooting gallery. Amazingly there was a gong out there, up on the hill at 953-yards. It was up on a trail next to an old 55-gallon steel drum below a boulder towards the top of the mountain.
It was almost impossible to see with the naked eye until several “looks” were taken. Even then it was hard to find.
(click to embiggen)
With Joe’s (another mind-bogglingly smart-guy blogger) insanely accurate .300 WinMag guys were reaching out and giving it a loving tap.

But out in the desert some stuff is just plain hard to see.
We shot and shot and shot s’more, and many more GunPorn pics are here.
Kevin revealed that my ’43 1911A1 wasn’t broken and actually shot well, and how to properly hold it in order to discover the same. He also enjoyed my old 1909 Colt in double-action mode. I tried to keep up, but there was a lot going on all around me and the targets rapidly accumulated a lot of holes until they were unrecognizable. I missed out shooting the .300WinMag, the .50BMG, and the Thompson. The 6.8SPC was way-kewl.

I had the Krag out and many said that the 1900-manufactured piece was the oldest rifle they had shot. Yay! My antiques are good for something at least.

That evening we had out banquet-dinner and heard Guest Speaker, a MilBlogger who was blown-up by an IED in Iraq, tank commander “T.C. Override” of From My Position. This year’s fundraising effort was (and will be in the future) for Soldier’s Angels and Project Valour-IT that provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at major military medical centers. Chuck’s story was incredibly moving, frightening, painful, and redemptive. The value of this project is immeasurable. I strongly urge everyone to consider a donation of any kind and at any level to this group – it is fantastically and absolutely worthwhile.
Chuck was also at the range and in our meeting room each day, and is just a lot of fun to be around. To see him before you with his spirit and attitude intact is really inspirational – and he’s also a damn lucky guy in the rest of things! Read his blog and realize what he’s been through and continues to have to deal with. Make a donation to Project Valour-IT.

Sunday morning after breakfast I couldn’t stand the casino environment any longer, said good-byes and loaded up the truck. I drove away at 10:25AM and got home at 1:56PM. That’s 253.0 miles in three hours and thirty-some minutes with no stopping for gas! It’s supposed to be like a four+ hour drive but I had the pedal down. Woot, I love the dual-tanks on my F-150 that puts my range at 500+ miles (I didn’t stop for gas on the way up, either). 🙂

And I want an Eotech…


  • We were privileged to have Brownells as an event sponsor supplying such swag as gun-oil, hats and t-shirts, and lanyards – besides even more importantly being represented by longtime Brownells good-guy, Larry Weeks.
  • Charlie Brown, head of MKS Supply and Hi-Point Firearms, very generously donated a Hi-Point pistol to be raffled off. The winner was JimmyB’s lovely wife Terri, who donated the gun to Chuck.
  • Ko-Tonics of Mebane, NC supplied the Rendezvousters with an incredibly sexy 6.8SPC upper for us to wear-off the “new” (hand-carried by Say Uncle), and with which I had a very satisfying experience hitting the 300, 400, and 500-yard gongs – something I’d never done before. Wow! Silver State Armory shipped 400-rounds of 6.8SPC to launch down the tube and prove its worth, which indeed it did besides delighting everyone who squeezed the trigger on it.
  • My round-trip odometer usage was 512 miles and the 3.9-liter straight-six burned 29.94 gallons of Global (Sierra anyhow) Warming carbon-fuel for an average of 17.10 MPG, with the return trip downhill-speed average was 72.28MPH – carbon and friction!

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